CNM (www.imb-cnm.csic.es) is a non-profit research Spanish Institute belonging to the Spanish Science Research Council (CSIC). The CNM activities are channelled toward strengthening microelectronics capability in Spain by means of R&D on the design and fabrication of MEMS, ICs, power devices and related materials as well as to provide technological support to industry and university research groups. The CNM Power Group involved in this project has a large experience in the design, modelling, fabrication and characterization of Si, SOI and SiC devices. The processing capabilities of CNM have been used to develop specific process steps for WBG semiconductors, and more specifically for SiC device fabrication (Schottky and PiN diodes, power MOSFET, JFETs) and GaN HEMTs and MOSFETs transistors. SiC and GaN based sensors (MEMS, high temperature gas sensors, Hall Effect sensors, biomedical devices) are also under investigation. The CNM Barcelona site houses the Clean Room facilities: 1500 m2 class 10/10000 suitable for VLSI. Low and high power (up to 12kV, 300A) electro-thermal characterisation facilities are available. CNM also makes extensive use of commercial (AVANTI, SILVACO, ISE, ANSYS, FLOTERM) and homemade Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics based simulators for modelling and optimizing the design of Si, SOI and SiC power devices and systems