The 1994 founded IALB (Institute for Electrical Drivers, Power Electronics, and Devices) is a non-profit research institute at the University of Bremen, Germany, and is involved in a wide range of national, European, and industrial research and development projects. The electrical drivers group investigates the entire electro-magnetic energy conversion ranging from frequency converters and their control to electrical machines and the influence of mechanical components like gear boxes. The other way around e.g. wind turbines are studied from the mechanical energy to the feed-in into the grid and aspects of grid control. This way a major part of the field today known as mechatronics is covered. The device group involved in this project investigates alternative semiconductor materials (SiC and GaN), material basics, device concepts, modelling, packaging, cooling, reliability, influence of parasitics, and EMC, as well as the interaction between devices and circuitry, e.g. in resonant applications or under SOA conditions. On the one hand the IALB has its own machine hall with e.g. a test bench that resembles the entire power train of a wind turbine and a variety of other laboratories e.g. for power semiconductor device characterisation and their long-term reliability testing. On the other hand a wide spectrum of commercial simulation tools including FLUX3D, Mathworks-Simulink, Plexim-PLECS, ANSYS-Q3D, and SYNOPSIS-DESSIS are employed to investigate, design, and optimise electrical machines, semiconductor devices, and entire power electronic systems.