Ascatron ( is a private company working with the development and production of SiC materials and devices for high temperature and high voltage power applications and modules. Ascatron started its operation in 2011 to commercialize and scale-up the SiC fabrication technology developed at the Swedish R&D institute Acreo. Our process line for 100mm diameter SiC wafers ranges from epitaxial growth focussing on advanced layer structures like multi-layer stacks and thick layers over 100µm (3DSiC), dry etching of trench and mesa structures, and application dependent contact metallization to dicing wafers into device chips. Ascatron has fabrication processes for devices like Schottky Barrier, JBS, and PiN diodes, as well as MOSFET and JFET switches. Our speciality is the design and manufacturing of all-epitaxial SiC devices for high performance and demanding power system applications.