The Institute for Physics of Electrotechnology (TEP), headed by Professor Dr. Gerhard Wachutka, is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Munich University of Technology (TUM). The scientific and technical staff comprises 30 employees, out of which 22 are scientists. 

The research areas of the institute include physically-based modelling, predictive simulation, physical characterisation and diagnosis of the operation of microstructured semiconductor power devices and multi-energy domain power systems. Present research projects, all of them closely related to current industrial R&D activities, focus on the electro-thermal modelling of semiconductor power devices and modules, in particular under high-temperature and other harsh operating conditions, numerical analysis and computer-aided optimisation of electro-thermo-mechanical and fluid-mechanical components, as well as analysis and diagnosis of failure and destruction mechanisms relevant for robustness and reliability. A particular focus of the methodology lies on the physical modelling and simulation of multi-energy domain components. All these activities are driven by worldwide bilateral or consortia cooperation with industrial R&D groups with a view to commercial exploitation; the vision and main objective is to make "virtual prototyping on the computer" a practical reality.