Scientific objectives

The overarching objective is to establish a strong European industry value chain for SiC technology - wafer, epitaxy, device fabrication, packaging and standadization - able to successfully compete with non-EU companies. A few select applications in the megawatt-level energy area are proposed for in depth evaluation of the benefits delivered by the SiC technology.

For this purpose, we will consider the different elements of the supply chain as listed in the following table related with the work packages:




High quality cost effective bulk SiC growth


Very low defect density thick SiC epitaxial layers for high voltage large area devices


Processoptimisation for high reliability MOS gate control devices and adapted dielectric deposition equipment development


Process optimisation for very high voltage capability: termination structures, passivation schemes, top metallisation, …)


To develop SiC diodes and switches of various ranges: 1700V, 3.3KV, 5KV, 6.5KV 10kV and 15kV


Processing modules for trench devices for high integration density


Novel Characterisation techniques and reliability analysis for these high voltage SiC devices


Development of simulation modules and libraries for SiC devices and circuit modelling/optimisation


New SiC power cells for wind applications and energy distribution


Application proof of concepts, demonstration of scalability toward industrial needs and cost/efficiency analysis


The project objectives are to supply high voltage SiC devices with higher performances (detailed in the previous section) compared to existing Silicon technology for: 

  • Higher power systems efficiency (increased efficiency, lower volume and weight, smaller and cheaper cooling systems …)
  • Reduction of electrical loss and consequently energy saving 
  • Novel systems topologies and applications based on availability of very high voltage (5-10kV) devices 
  • Higher reliability in strong power cycling and harsh environments.