The SPEED consortium is formed by 17 organizations belonging to 7 EU countries plus Switzerland. The team includes outstanding representatives belonging to research and industry (large and SMEs). The consortium includes partners with all required competences to develop the foreseen RTD activities, testing and validation actions and also the exploitation of results and overall management. The RTD content of the project is significant, notwithstanding this; SPEED also focuses in addressing the industrial perspective and whole innovation life cycle. The research team is unique, their specific trajectories, capacities, and research lines, is the only way to achieve success in gaining control over this technology. Involvement of industrial world key players will significantly contribute to results take-up towards truly commercial and industrial scales, in a reasonable amount of time.

The SPEED project is coordinated by INAEL Electrical Systems which has a broad experience on European RTD collaborative projects since 3rd Framework Programme. Since 2010, INAEL is coordinating several national collaborative projects with more than 15 organizations involved.

In addition to the RTD capabilities, the consortium also has the necessary management competences and experience split into both scientific (CSIC-CNM) and industrial management (INAEL).


SPEED Consortium. EU coverage


SPEED consortium includes outstanding companies as well as six EU Universities and the research centres (CNM-CSIC and FhG IISB) of excellence on SiC in Europe (materials and/or power electronics). Industry is represented both by large companies (ABB, Infineon, ENEL, INGETEAM, InfineonAU) and SMEs (INAEL, Norstel, Ascatron, Annealsys).


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